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your animal's confort

Do you have to be out of the house?
You want to go on holiday and you can’t come with your pet?
Do you want to maintain a presence for both your pet and your home?
Do you want to have peace of mind?

Your dog can’t stand being alone at home all day?
You don’t have the time or are physically disabled ?
We provide dog walks around your home and in all weathers.

Are you looking for a solution to transport your pet?
We propose a personal, private and approved service, in equipped, recent and air-conditioned vehicles for the best conditions of the journey.


Our areas

From Grand Saconnex to Carouge, from Eaux Vives to Cologny, we operate at your request for dogwalks and home visits with the goal of your pet’s “bien-être”.

We stand out from other pet-sitting companies with an exclusive and personalised services.

No group walks, your dog is kept on a leash alone or with another dog of the ” brotherhood”.

For home visits, you will receive a message with a photo when we are with your pet, you may be on holiday but it is you who will receive a “postcard”.

Our experience since 2014 will give you peace of mind.

Dogs walk

Your dog needs to go for a walk, to exercise, and your schedule or a temporary disability does not allow you to play with him.
With our dogwalks, your dog will be able to exercise and come back home calm and happy.

In the forest under the snow, by the lake in the spring, in the middle of summer for a splash in the river, in the city or in the countryside, our petsitters will walk your dog on a leash and send you a picture so you can witness the joy in your pet.

visite à domicile

Pet Sitting

Switzerland as well as in the rest of the europe.

Traditional boarding facilities, which are very busy during the holiday period, generate a great deal of stress and a risk of illness for your pet (e.g. kennel cough…)

Confiez nous votre animal en toute sécurité, il sera le centre de nos attentions.
Nous prenons votre relais lors de vos absences que se soit sous la forme de sorties hygiéniques ou de promenades, nous ne manquerons pas de lui apporter toute notre tendresse, notre réconfort et les soins nécessaires.

These regular visits will also ensure that everything is going well at your home and that your house is safe in your absence.
These comings and goings can have a dissuasive effect.
At each visit, we clean the litter boxes, clean the small damages made by your animal…
You will find your pet and your house as you left them.

Animal's transport

Your pet must go to the train station or the airport?
Your dog or cat has an appointment with his vet or groomer?
You want us to drop him off and/or pick him up from his kennel?
Your pet is in “alternating custody”?
Do you need to transport or pick up your pet 10, 100, 1000 kms away?

Pet-Services provides and organizes the transport of your pet in all security. 

We transport your pet exclusively with a personal and adapted transport cage (our 2 golden retrievers are very comfortable).

Except in the case of the same siblings, we refuse collective transport of several animals (2, 3, …. or even 10 animals), this is not our conception of comfort and animal welfare

Throughout the transport you can follow your pet (sms, photos, videos…). You can know at any time where your pet is and at what time it will arrive.
Pet-Services offers you the possibility to accompany your pet during its transportation.

The Pet-Services vehicle is adapted, air-conditioned and approved by the veterinary service for the transport of live animals, for all circumstances and over all distances.

After each transport, the vehicle is cleaned and disinfected


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